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Adjumed as a service provider advocates for Quality in Medicine. We provide the best tools for medical registers - as online services. They are used for quality assurance in healthcare, benchmarking between clinics or surgeons, retrospective study statistics and randomized clinical trials (RCT). Be it in quality assurance itself or in the quality of our solutions, we help the physicians.

At the Service of Quality and Transparency

Our goal is to develop the best tools for Medical Quality Assurance. By doing so, we focus on the needs of the physicians. As the market leader, we are constantly improving our performance and our solutions. Needless to say, we are always open to suggestions.


Currently, we are running the following projects:

AQC society for quality assurance in surgery (with a number of subject-specific projects), SBCDB Swiss Breast Center Database and MIBB Minimal Invasive Breast-Biopsies for the SSS Swiss Society of Senology, as well as the Database for the SAfW Swiss Working Group for Wound Care. We are especially happy to run the SGC-Logbook and the FMH-Logbook because it means the inclusion of training and education into our projects.

Please contact us if you are interested in seeing how our technology can help you: +41 44 450 10 64 -

Our task is to promote the good in medicine and to give security to all participants.


The 3 pillars of the Adjumed system


The well-established AdjumedCollect provides versatile means to create questionnaires (forms). The system has been continuously improved over the last few years in order to address the specific needs of the various specialized disciplines.


In AdjumedAnalyze you can create statistics and evaluate key indicators using intuitive filtering possibilities. All data can be compared to an anonymized benchmark of the total data set.


The PublicDatabase addresses the call for transparency in medical quality assurance. Improvements of quality and data significance is rendered possible by the validation of those who know best: the patients. Only verified data should be published.
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The AQC-System is ISO certified since 2006: ISO 9001 SGS Certificate CH06/0722